Connect to a FHIR API
Make your first FHIR request. You'll learn about Sero too.
Looking for an explanation of FHIR? We cover FHIR in Build in Health the Easy Way.

A FHIR API is any HTTP server implementation of the FHIR REST API. Communicating with a FHIR API is an essential task for many developers in health. Sero can be used to make requests to a FHIR API.
FHIR APIs differ in what features and FHIR Resources work with each one. One FHIR API might make available information about insurance plans. Another might make (authenticated) access to patient data available.

You can use our FHIR Client to connect to FHIR APIs with JavaScript. See the Sero Reference for a full feature description:

You must be able to make HTTP requests to complete this guide - we recommendcurl or Hoppscotch​
FHIR APIs have a base URL that serves as the root against which to make requests.
To test our first FHIR API, we're going to send a request to the FHIR API maintained by The base URL for that server is
The simplest operation we can make is a GET request to /metadata. This endpoint returns a CapabilityStatement describing all of the features a particular FHIR API supports. Using curl , Postman, Hopscotch, or even your browser - try issuing a request to
That's your first FHIR request!
Another common kind of FHIR API request is reading an individual Resource, like a DiagnosticReport or a Patient.
Reading individual Resources is as easy as sending a GET request to {Resource}/{id} where {Resource} is the name of the Resource and {id} is the unique identifier for the record you are trying to read.
Reading a Resource
You did it! You can learn more about how to connect to FHIR APIs in our Client documentation and visit for more information about the protocol.
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